When males get hazed and go through rush they often have to do things to prove their manliness such as prove how much alcohol they can consume, excel in sports competitions held during rush, and often times male hazing involves proving their ability to coerce women which can turn into sexual assault. I wanted you back like I want the clap again. Here are the students' stories *Many of the hazing rituals and traditions are gender focused. It goes without saying that every pledge class to go through your house will have to face a lot of adversity, and some of the things they have to do will drive them to their breaking point. My pledge class wasn't hazed because my house got in trouble for hazing a few years prior, and I'm so glad we didn't. Browse this site…. Asking for a friend, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Gotta love a nice lose-lose situation for pledges. He was slacking so he has to record himself every morning at 6 am and send it into our groupme. Each of the pledges needs to be given a canvas and a set of paints. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Host a night just for the new members to take over the sorority house and celebrate sisterhood by indulging with movies and treats. It’s time for your pledges to be tested on the battlefield. He was then told to jump into a nearby lake, which was cold and dark. (242242) well, now it's a pledge service, Dumbbell pledge- carries around a 25 pounder all day every day, basketball pledge- has to dribble a basketball everywhere he goes and if someone asks why he has to say "for the love of the game", Jedi pledge- pretty much the same thing as basketball but with a lightsaber and his excuse is "I'm the last Jedi", straw pledge- everything they drink for the rest of the semester is through a bendy straw or a crazy straw (including alcohol). Joining a sorority is an experience unlike any other. I had to steal a cops citation book during pledgeship. Eventually the whole class is carrying around a couple of pumpkins. * Being a designated driver on a weekend so the bros can go out and get smashed while they hav of beer into a large bowl, and have a pledge drink the entire bowl using only a butter knife to scoop up the beer into his mouth. Back in 2013, Tess Koman made waves for her essay in Cosmopolitan about how getting hazed was weirdly worth it. Comedy pledge: has to deliver a stand up routine written by the brothers at the bar's open mic night every week, Weather pledge - make them send the weather report every day to each member of your exec. When they’re dead they can’t shoot ping pong balls out of their snatch into my mouth and that’s the real travesty. Here are some fun ways to embarrass your pledges for the enjoyment of you and those around you. Scavenger hunts: At your rival school ( this does not end well) In Vegas a complete disaster( it’s frowned upon to ask a midget to get in a back pack and let you take a picture of you backpacking him on the strip) Rituals: Jews v Nazis with an Anne frank pledge that the Jew pledges have to protect from the nazi pledges. if they successfully stopped an active from stabbing the pres, they got hazed for assaulting an active. They’ll also have access to very limited costumes and props, but none of these can be appropriate for a Shakespeare play. Whatever the case, the pledges’ tools need to be hilariously insufficient for the job, and none of them will end up winning the “contest.”. Since pledgeship I have been constantly harassed by a number of pledge brothers, ... My question or rather advice needed is on the expulsion of hazing in the chapter. 'Bible Study' Killed A is listed (or ranked) 1. Fruit pledge- has to carry around a grape with him at all times and if he loses it or it breaks, he moves up to a slightly larger fruit. This is what I do…… http://www.ace23.tk/, At clampson we dunt kno what “dismember” means but it sounds like “family member” so I really wants to fuck it. Pledge entertainment night - skits, songs, etc. Another can be given a full set of paints, but their canvas is actually an empty 30 rack of beer. She gets paid on the laptop and moved in a $557000 condo. Common hazing practices include sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, paddling and other types of spanking, use of stress positions , forced runs, busy work , forced drinking and mind games . Where’s the “dismember and dispose of the dead stripper” activity. Randomly kill one each week, just to keep them on their toes. However, the “canvas” and “paints” can be literally anything. Another could be given a cardboard box and a jar of peanut butter. National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) is an opportunity for campuses, schools, communities, organizations and individuals to come together and talk about hazing in their communities, raise awareness about the problem of hazing, educate others about hazing, and promote the prevention of hazing. Write up … Hazing Prevention Week (HPW) is part of a national initiative held at numerous universities across the country. For this, you’ll need to offer a prize for the winner, such as an exemption from pledge ride duties. He kept the same banana wrapped in plastic wrap for a semester and kept it in his freezer to keep it from going bad. If they don't put their on personal touch on it, they're fucked, We already have a weather pledge, he's a fucking idiot. Alpha pledges Delta pledges carrying ducks Omega pledges eating together All of this sounds harmless I know, but somewhere down the line pledging/hazing became a serious issue. Have a group of pledges go to the store and buy all of the ingredients necessary to make a sandwich. I need some good "tasks" to make one kid do for 5-6 weeks consistently. I wasn't making this as potential hazing. My Co-Worker’s step-sister made $13285 the previous week. Was some oceans 12 type shit… And by that I mean not that cool and completely not worth it. Character building these days is not what it used to be! You’ll almost feel bad for the poor kid who has to eat all the mayonnaise. Upon completing their mission, award them demeaning medals such as the “Congressional Medal of Being a Slow, Fat Piece of Human Garbage.”. It's kind of like a graduation and kind of like a formal welcome, but it's also something totally indescribable until you actually go through it. Jun 3, 2018 - Explore Gloria B's board "College Fraternities", followed by 185 people on Pinterest. Spring kids blow. Keep going until they hit watermelon. For instance, one of the pledges can be given a normal canvas, but only a tube of red paint with no brush. For funny hazing stories click here. ' A leprechaun pledge who throws lucky charms at fat bitches during st. frattys day is still acceptable. Our weather pledge fucked up this morning. These kinds of activities are often the most fun to witness, and a little creativity can go a long way. if any active managed to "stab" the president under their watch, they got hazed. Safety pledge. ►►►►✒✒✒✒✒✒ http://www.22moneybay.com. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've seen fruit pledge done with pumpkins during Halloween. I know im in the minority but I always thought this guy was kind of funny in a retarded way, I get paid £92 every hour from online jobs. Please list all LEGIT FUNNY Fraternity Hazing/Inititaion Practices that grabbed a copy of their pledges class schedules and waited outside. * Regular cleaning of the house. There are more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Keep going until they hit watermelon. ie homework pledge, plank pledge (carries a plank with him at all times or he's fucked), panic pledge, heely pledge, Tennessee pledge (dressed head to toe in Tennessee orange to all his classes or he's fucked, it's hilarious), etc. What’s wrong with peanut butter and hot sauce sandwich eating contests. Designate a pledge at each party to dress up as Waldo when you spy him you shout I spy Waldo and make him get you a beer. Back when I was a pledge I had to smother my pecker in cream cheese and let stray cats lick it off!! We put a radio earpiece in our pledges ears and then have them go around campus saying stuff we tell him to say kind of like what they do on YouTube and then another pledge has to film the reactions from a hidden spot after they are done we watch it at our house. She talks about what happened, saying that she had ice cold water poured on her head, as well as vinegar squirted in her eyes — oh, and she was punched in the face at the same time. The pledge process was an entire year, and in the 90s' was cut down to an entire semester. Girls Night - Pizza, pampering and pedicures! Bowling Bash - Bring the newest pledge class to a nearby bowling alley to … i always thought secret service pledges were the best to fuck with. * Pee on a pledge (I've definitely heard this happen once). University campuses across the country were rocked by a series of fraternity hazing deaths in 2017. All she did was get blessed and apply the guide leaked on this web site. Tim, president of the Teke house, has some very extreme ideas about hazing the new pledges, including wild and kinky restraint and tickle torture. Bible Study' Killed A Pledge. We don't do any gay stuff like the elephant walk or anything, but we do make them do long, challenging, and/or tedious tasks all the time. We did this with one guy the pledge class after mine, but also made him the condoms and KY Jelly pledge. Mario Kart pledge- ties three balloons to his backpack at the start of the day and if all three are popped by the end, he's fucked. Elsewhere on the spectrum of required pledge activities are the ones that are not outright hazing, but are still demeaning and make the pledges look like idiots. A guy in my pledge class had to freestyle rap every sentence inside a certain house (he was black) and they made another one yell OH YEAH whenever he entered another room like the kool aid man (he was kinda fat). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Jeans pledge- they wear a pair of jeans once pr twice a week, and every Sunday you cut a little bit off, so by the end of the semester they're walking around in some nice jorts, Weatherman pledge- classic weather snapchat story every morning, chacha pledge- remember chacha? I bet these were a lot funnier in your head. Wears a helmet around campus 24/7, Where do you get adult Heelys? Please join this discussion about Hazing Ideas, please help within the Chat & Conversation category. The Hazing ~ by Ratty A classic fraternity initiation story. Excerpt: as some of you may or may not know, its time for a Spring Pledge Class for our frat, can any of you guys or girls think of some good hazing ideas? A pledge by the name of Jo Hannah Burch was pledging Gamma Psi at Young Harris College, but she quickly began to question whether the hazing rituals were going too far. Once they’ve all had a go at it, change things up by making them jump over their own pledge brothers on the way to the basket. Mazda CX7! But a new member of the frat, exempt from the hazing, is secretly on the side of the poor pledges. See more ideas about fraternity, fraternity pledge, fraternity hazing. If barely any of them can dunk, this is a perfect chance to chide them for being worthless pieces of shit. When the class loses a pumpkin they have to get two to replace it. Make sure that one pledge and one active has a radio with them, and send the pledges out into the night with the goal of retrieving a piece of property from another house. * Getting cigarettes and booze for the members. I'm in a fraternity and I need some ideas for how to haze our pledges. My ex's fraternity's weather pledge also had to report into a banana every time he did it. To make it even more interesting, have them wear clothing that is completely useless for basketball, such as formal attire. He got a Disney Princess backpack that had to be unzipped all the way like a suitcase that was full of condoms and a nice, big bottle of KY Jelly. View an Example. Hazing during the pledge period can sometimes culminate in an event commonly known as "Hell Week" in which a week-long series of physical and mental torments are inflicted on pledges. The Pledge Shakespeare sounds like it was created by a brother who has been putting off for too long taking his side chick on a “real date” and hashed this together as an attempt to shut her up and watch a play while also having the bedroom only a stone’s throw away from the entertainment. Got the worst fucking pledge class ever. * Make them do the elephant walk. Once they put everything in the kitchen, give them their instructions: Each pledge is to be assigned to one ingredient of the sandwich, and they must eat everything in a set amount of time. Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins. Jun 23, 2015 - Explore Shelby Julia's board "rush and pledging ideas" on Pinterest. The point is to get to know others in the pledge class, kind of "a day in the life" type thing. I know hazing existed when I joined my fraternity. Needless to say, when he sat down in class the next day the people behind him were in for a surprise. this is a very broad question, it can involve lude acts, eating stuff, drinking game, and other ideas, please respond! As much as each of these events goes above and beyond what hazing should be, each pledge knew he could always walk away. my Aunty Elise just got an awesome metallic Mazda CX-7 SUV just by part time work from a compute Also, they are all optional so we do not get in trouble for hazing. As colleges continue to grapple with hazing and drinking-related deaths, ... Timothy Piazza downed 18 drinks in less than two hours during a pledge event for the Beta Theta Pi chapter in February. I was heavily involved with fraternity recruitment over the summer and rush week and thus had a pretty good idea […] Each pledge/new member is paired up with another one, and they spend the day together, walking to class, have lunch, etc. Give the pledges a script for one of Shakespeare’s plays, but only let them have it for a few hours. No Frabst, when they’re dead their just HOOKERS! The national focus for the past few years has been bystander responsibility and giving students the skills to stand up when they see hazing around them. Damn she’s really raking in the dough! As the pledges are acting out the scenes, encourage the actives to loudly berate them for badly delivered lines and poor acting, throwing rotten tomatoes at them all the while. Meredith, in the company of the fraternity president and two upper brothers, drank until his BAC was twice the legal limit. Take them out to the basketball court outside your house or at a nearby gym, and see which of them has the best dunking skills. These are scary frat hazing stories indeed. National Hazing Prevention Week™ (NHPW) is September 20-25, 2020! Fruit pledge- has to carry around a grape with him at all times and if he loses it or it breaks, he moves up to a slightly larger fruit. Along the way, give them orders such as “Hit the dirt!” and “The enemy has been spotted, so you’ll need to … This is a chance for everyone involved to become more cultured. You’ve forgotten your roots. Hazing also forces a deep sense of loyalty within the newcomer (also known as a “pledge”), as it is believed that those who have to suffer to get into the group will treat their membership more seriously, and will defend it more vigorously than those who have to do little or nothing in order to be accepted. Along the way, give them orders such as “Hit the dirt!” and “The enemy has been spotted, so you’ll need to go prone and crawl the next 100 meters.” You could also have one of the pledges “take a hit” and have to be carried for the rest of the mission. As a pledge, he was forced to participate in a dangerous hazing. One of the first hazing incidents that set off 100 years of horrific Greek hazing happened at the ... papers, and you knew what you were getting into as a pledge. Hazing is against the policy of most colleges, and anti-hazing statutes exist in 38 states. Once a week, have a BUDDY day. These are weak – sauce. The moral of this activity is that the pledge class can’t do anything by themselves, and must come together as a unit, or something. From this, they must memorize what they can and create a short theatrical version of the play that they can perform. II never thought I’d be able to do it but my friend AB is earning £10k /monthly by doing this job and she showed me how.N11, use fucking american money you fake mother fucker. Time to treat these pledges to an All-Star Weekend. One of my ideas was to pour a 40 oz. A sorority pledge by the name of Jasmine Johnson stepped forward in 2009 after her hazing had her in the hospital. Make sure that one pledge and one active has a radio with them, and send the pledges out into the night with the goal of retrieving a piece of property from another house. In some cases you were required to live together with your line sisters/brothers. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that its not PC anymore to have a whale hunting pledge team that goes around at parties harpooning any fatties. Didn't warn us about the small hurricane that hit campus today. See more ideas about Alpha phi omega, Alpha phi, Recruitment themes. Jeans pledge- they wear a pair of jeans once pr twice a week, and every Sunday you cut a little bit off, so by the end of the semester they're walking around in some nice jorts