Even if the origin of Karate is not clearly known, we know that 1400 years ago, in Shaolin Temple, DARUMA DAISHI was teaching some techniques, which were the bases of Karate. Later these techniques were known as Shaolin Boxe.
In the XVI eth century, Shaolin Box was introduced from China to Okinawa. The mixes of Shaolin Box and local Okinawa techniques were develop into few Okinawa styles.

In 1922, after mastering two Okinawa Styles, Master Gichin Funakoshi, at that time President of the Association for the Spirit of Martial Arts, has been chosen to demonstrate Karate during the first Tokyo Athletic Exposition. On the express demand of the Authorities and friends, he remained in Tokyo to teach Karate.

In 1955, Tsutomu Ohshima, one of the last direct pupils of Master Funakoshi, arrived to the United States of America and has been the first person to teach Karate in this country. During that year, he founded Southern California Karate Association, which has been develop over many years to become Shotokan Karate of America, non-for profit organization.

During almost one year stay in Paris, in 1962, Tsutomu Ohshima gave the technical basis which were the start of the French Karate; he instructed many pupils, and named the first technical commission for the new French Karate Federation, at that time part of FFJDA (Judo).

Ohshima Sensei is the Founder of France Shotokan, founded in 1964, which purpose is to promote and develop the practice of Karate according to Master Funakoshi’s teaching.

France Shotokan is also a non-for profit organization; none of the instructors is paid for leading practices, each of them has his own source of income.

Our leader is a member of France Shotokan and by this, also a member of Shotokan Karate of America, Ohshima Sensei’s Schools, which exists in 18 countries. He is a nidan black belt, and is officially entitled as Karate Instructor from the Polish Department Office for Physical Education and Sports.
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