Is made of three parts:

KIHON (basic blocks, punches, kicks, basic positions)
Basic training consisting of executing, while walking, different techniques with a maximum strength and speed but keeping entire control on our mind and body.

KUMITE (sparring)
It consists of sparring during which one of the opponents attacks an agreed level with an agreed technique and the other defends him.

KATA (forms which are simulated combat situations)
Through constant practice, the karate student will develop his technical, physical and mental capabilities and features. By repeating multiple times different techniques and kata, the trainee will find himself a second nature. As self-defence, Karate-do is the most dynamic martial art. A well-trained Karateka can co-ordinate perfectly his mind and body, and by doing this, he is able to initiate a terrific physical power. It is not a big physical strength that will make a strong Karateka, but his capacity to unify his mind and body. Through this capacity, even a small person will find out that she/he has the strength to inflict to an eventual opponent a devastating blow. The values, which are brought by the practice of Karate-do, are numerous for the modern human being. In our modern life, we often forget the values of training for our physical health and above all, for our mental health. The practice of Karate makes the body stronger, develop coordination and reflex, forms the speed of our reactions, and construct our endurance. The practice of Karate develop our self-control, gives us a clearer mind, gives also a deeper knowledge of our own mental capabilities and gives us a bigger trust and believe in ourselves. In this way, Karate is not a goal in itself but a mean to reach this goal. Age is not an obstacle for this activity. On the contrary, it always develops our ability and the co-ordination of our mind and body. Our Dojo organizes Special Training two times a year, in winter and in summer. It is the most important events for the Karate Student. It includes the essence of what we practice during the year or half-year and represents a big step forward in the physical and above all, the mental development of the Karate Student.
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