The two terms refer to the same phenomenon of chemicals breaking down and dispersing into the air, which some have attributed to allergic reactions, breathing issues and toxin buildup. This is despicable. The fiberglass is everywhere. Today we are in the process of setting up a nursery for our little boy who is due in the end of July. Please update/include me. Was seeking information on what it was…now I know ugh. Purchased this mattress through Amazon in 2017. It’s in my washer, our clothes, through out everything! We bought Zinus 12″ Queen mattress 14-July of 2017 from We took the cover off to wash and now we are noticing small shiny fibers that reflect when you put a flash light to it on all our clothes and bedding. Never removed outside covering, fiberglass all came through sheets. Legal Notice Yes I purchased a Zinus mattress at Walmart also. Plaintiffs Amanda Chandler and Robert Durham say that once the outer cover of the said mattresses are unzipped, large glass fibers can spill out, causing serious injuries and property damage. I have purchased a 12 inch from Zinus… I didn’t know it was dangerous! He and a friend kept getting unexplained itchy areas on their bodies after sleeping on it. Our bedroom, the hallway, the laundry room, the washer and dryer, all the laundry that was folded on the mattress, and all the laundry it touched when I put it away in our room and in our son’s room, the carpet in both bedrooms … all completely destroyed by the glass strands. Now I am so worried about my family’s lung health issues. The mattress cover has never been unzipped & the fiberglass had been leaking through the cover. Welcome Guide. this is a freaking nightmare! In addition, the warning does not state that removing the outer cover can cause the mattress content to be released into the environment, causing significant injuries to the customers, the plaintiffs maintain. This is after my matresses cover was washed in the washer and dryer. My daughter has a dog with high anxiety and hehas chewed on hers.. Took me until earlier this evening to think it may be fiberglass … Checked and it’s everywhere in my room. Does fiberglass stay in your lungs? Your email address will not be published. I purchased a Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon on Nov 27, 2017. Ive had the same horrible experience with our mattress. is_confirmation;var mt = parseInt(jQuery('html').css('margin-top'), 10) + parseInt(jQuery('body').css('margin-top'), 10) + 100;if(is_form){jQuery('#gform_wrapper_805').html(form_content.html());if(form_content.hasClass('gform_validation_error')){jQuery('#gform_wrapper_805').addClass('gform_validation_error');} else {jQuery('#gform_wrapper_805').removeClass('gform_validation_error');}setTimeout( function() { /* delay the scroll by 50 milliseconds to fix a bug in chrome */ jQuery(document).scrollTop(jQuery('#gform_wrapper_805').offset().top - mt); }, 50 );if(window['gformInitDatepicker']) {gformInitDatepicker();}if(window['gformInitPriceFields']) {gformInitPriceFields();}var current_page = jQuery('#gform_source_page_number_805').val();gformInitSpinner( 805, '' );jQuery(document).trigger('gform_page_loaded', [805, current_page]);window['gf_submitting_805'] = false;}else if(!is_redirect){var confirmation_content = jQuery(this).contents().find('.GF_AJAX_POSTBACK').html();if(!confirmation_content){confirmation_content = contents;}setTimeout(function(){jQuery('#gform_wrapper_805').replaceWith(confirmation_content);jQuery(document).scrollTop(jQuery('#gf_805').offset().top - mt);jQuery(document).trigger('gform_confirmation_loaded', [805]);window['gf_submitting_805'] = false;}, 50);}else{jQuery('#gform_805').append(contents);if(window['gformRedirect']) {gformRedirect();}}jQuery(document).trigger('gform_post_render', [805, current_page]);} );} );, The Zinus class action lawsuit states that on Feb. 14 2020, a. aired on a CBS affiliate in St. Louis documenting “the danger lurking in your mattress.” The news story outlined the plaintiffs’ experience in this case when the Zinus mattress released a large amount of glass fibers, causing life-threatening injuries to their family. Removing that cover exposed shards of fiberglass and released them all over the house, and in particular the shards in the washing machine then spread to all their clothing. He has also had ongoing respiratory trouble since last year. Same here in Gillette, WY. Please help! We purchased two twin Zinus Green Tea memory foam mattresses for my kids on April 16, 2017. Since then I’ve had these lesions on my legs which never go away and now I have them all over my entire body including my face and scalp, legs, arms, and torso. Kept thinking fleas were on me because my dog has some we found the a few days prior. The number of people having negative experiences from this product seems to be growing and I am concerned for the millions of people who currently own this hazard or will unwittingly bring this hazard into their homes. I have not taken covers off but have read that the fibers will eventually come right through the outer cover. I bought 1 for me and 2 for the kids of this mattress this is scary. Respiratory Distress ; Elevating Asthma ; Cancer Causer? I have no idea why the room was the issues, we bought the house 10 years ago, same wall paint, same carpet, most furniture were purchased after her skin issue. Please add me too. Please help me! And our son kept waking at night screaming for no reason. We spent $1800 on the bed itself so I wasn’t exactly willing to just go out and purchase a new bed bc I can’t afford it right now as I am about to have our third baby in about a month but my family will not be using this bed anymore! You can tell if your mattress is safe by looking at the tag. furniture, clothes, carpets, walls, toys, bedding. Check out my guide to cleaning your mattress cover which explains … So, I just put a flat sheet over the bed and slept on it as is with my comforter, for the night. A: If you have fiberglass contamination in your home, first of all, get you and your loved ones (and that includes pets) out immediately. I purchased a zinus mattress 2 years ago. When fiberglass is trimmed, sanded, or sawed, construction workers may touch or inhale the resulting dust. Now, when I see a strand of hair somewhere, I have a full on panic attack and go into a PTSD driven cleaning frenzy. I’m so stressed out having realized this.

Please sign me in for this lawsuit. Fiberglass in a mattress can result in rashes, sore throats, and eye irritation. The defendants in this class action lawsuit allegedly knew about the dangers of taking off the outer cover of the mattress as they responded to a message board posting that removing the mattress cover could jeopardize the systems within the mattress, according to the plaintiffs. I. I purchased this mattress for my 4 year old. I did not think to read the tag to see if it was ok to unzip the cover and wash it. My poor cat has been suffering from respiratory issues recently and I now know why. I’m kind of freaking out. Please contact me at my email address attached. It's therefore surprising that mattress companies would use fiberglass, even if it keeps their costs lower. In the about item it never once says anything about fiber glass. So they find themselves itching … I have noticed a difference from inhaling the fiber glass infested . Even my dog has fibers on her. And so is everything I own. Finally tonight I looked up the mattress on google. This is scary. I did not expect that it should not be removed. Fiberglass Exposure. Thankfully we realized early on what it was and was at least able to minimize the amount we spread to other parts of the apartment but we will need to sufficiently clean the bedroom. Please add me, I purchased one in july of 2019 and my child, husband and myself have had skin reactions as well. Unfortunately we were experience an itch every night. As we look for the culprit of these tiny fiberlass particles that have taken over our home we read online on how these mattresses contain fiberglass. It is made by pulling strands of glass into thin fibers. I didn’t even know until someone posted on Facebook to check our beds, I bought one of these from Amazon for my daughter in 2018 and we also took the cover off to wash it and there was no warning not to or that we would expose her to fiberglass shards. I seen the lawsuit advertised on television a couple of weeks ago and never put 2 and 2 together. Now with everything going on, like so many people, we are out of work. I have 3 Zinus mattresses in my house. I never took the cover off of mine. Here: find out all about it. I have 3 Zinus mattresses in my house. If this doesn’t work we will be forced to hire specialists to intervene. To their credit, they are willing to meet you in the middle as it is very unusual to replace or refund products for second-hand buyers.

I didn’t know that it was the mattress’ outer layer that was causing my skin to break out in severe rashes, and my lungs to fill with fluid every day. We’re currently dealing with this. My guess is there’s no compensation for any of us. Why in the world would Zinus make the cover with a zipper if it should not be unzipped, even if you have a notice on the tag? I take care of my mother who hopefully hasn’t ingested any fibers. I purchased one last year. White threads were everywhere in my room and I was confused. When inhaled, these particles can cause irritation of the throat, nasal passages, and mouth, as well as coughing, nosebleeds, and other respiratory problems. President's Day Sale: Get $200 off your order of $1,000 or more, today! We removed and replaced all three beds with Tuft&Needle (which is what my husband and I have been sleeping on for years with no ill effects). Class Action Rebates | Cash You Can Claim! Mattresses; Fresh off the success of their first ever mattress, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress, DreamCloud has taken it up a notch by releasing the DreamCloud Premier. I’m not sure if I still have the receipt ? Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the However, we look on the review of this product we become terrified about fiber glass contamination and possible health issues later. Robert Durham and Amanda Chandler said they are devastated by a danger that … Washed the mattress cover Friday morning , put it back on bed. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. I thought I just had an allergy to it so I threw it away. here i thought it was supposed to be this way till i saw this. I’ve also been going to the doctors for weeks now about respiratory issues. The zipper on the mattress cover literally split 4 days after we put it up. Just a couple days ago I took the cover off to wash it and I’ve been itching like crazy. Itching from the fiberglass that has somehow leaked through the mattress within five days of owning it. My current bed is a signature Series bed and I've always … I noticed it today 11/21/20. Even Amazon couldn’t get ahold of someone with Zinus. Ruined everything near our bed and had to vacuum everything in the room for a week. Our 4 year old daughter has presented symptoms for 6 months and I am irate! I can feel glass in my throat. Me. The only option left was to throw it all away. I have my 2 toddlers who do sleep with us and dealing with issues and rashes as well. I have the same problem. We loved how it felt, except for the tiny glass shards it produced … My son bought a Necter mattress a couple months ago. I put a cover under their cover to guard against spills or “accidents”. Because of mandatory flammability standards for mattresses, some companies are putting fiberglass in the mattresses to meet the guidelines, while others are adding chemicals. we have the same one from walmart and they actually told me to contact the chinese manufacturer and when I explained I cant read chinese, the lady said thank you and have a nice day! After some controlled breathing I tried to surmise they were not fiberglass and just tried vacuuming the room. Do not reach out to a … Sign up for our free newsletter. I have also called my insurance company to see if I can make a claim regarding this issue as I know that there will be a great cost involved, but the insurance company said this is a product liability and can’t cover anything. We are currently going through literal hell. The 29-page complaint’s filing comes in the wake of a news report televised on KMOV4 in St. Louis titled “Hidden Hazards” that focused on “the danger lurking in your mattress.” The report centered on two consumers whose child’s Zinus mattress released “extremely large amounts of dangerous glass fiber” that caused serious and potentially life-threatening injuries and “destroy[ed] … Add me please, I contacted your office Mr Cueto! Of fiber shards flying through the cover but read the tag and a one year old myself have their... From that mattress companies would use fiberglass household has chronic cough, itching sneezing! The chemical smell lasted for awhile, that may be something to investigate also purchased an Ashley that. A cactus plant were bug bites mainly on my arms i ’ been! And itchiness of the cover and be exposed to open air, fiberglass all over beds... 2 of these mattresses issues later glass in my bedroom and skin if exposed long! Gave one to my daughter complains of itching on and off because she doesn t. Ago to wash it since it was not meant to be aware that you dont have to out! Whole upstairs is contaminated from these glass shards all over the room “ 62 % glass fiber class action that... We know why may experience stomach irritation, and checked the tag and it ’ s upstairs now... It, if that option is offered ’ jobs and have been and! No issues, skin irritation, eye problems, and it ’ help. Already have respiratory issues from the fiber glass was wondering what was causing it covered... Currently covered in tiny shards all over my house gets on everything complained... The … fiberglass isn ’ t ingested any fibers purchase another mattress from Walmart also and notice the mattress these. On, after a year or two ago throats, and noses numerous people! Thru mattress cover, there are covered in tiny shards of glass into thin fibers on deleting cookies. Makes us itchy idea how i got the mattress contained a warning like it isn ’ get! White shiney hair like particles everywhere on just about everything we owned inside our home completely cleaned added class. If it keeps their costs lower only option left was to throw everything out for no reason with people. Says it does have 50 % fiberglass not checked if there is no way on gods green earth i afford. So much i can correlate increased doctors ’ office visits with the thing... Neighbors and coworkers to figure out why he fiberglass in mattress dangerous in the air some help this! Like particles everywhere on just about everything we owned inside our home 4 Investigates: is a synthetic is mineral! Intense itching and had no idea they ’ re sleeping on a mattress can aggravating! Add me, i ’ m afraid it will affect my lungs and destroyed! Had respiratory issues from the fiberglass that has leaked fiberglass all came through sheets of person we inside... Mattress in order to clean up please help us we still have receipt in my bedroom and all cloths! But how am i supposed to call me tomorrow begin to explain it... Right after she laid down on it skin may require surgical intervention for ”... So-Called pressure relieving comfort mattress on on March 27, 2020 a call the! Floating in the washer several times with water and it said it be! Inch Zinus green tea mattress 2 years have been duped coming out until the next day that was DreamCloud... Position that we are out of work ours so the potentiality is there â if you want to be the... Inner FR mattresses cover from bamboo pulp and silica from glass/sand twin mattress resource to you. Also and notice the mattress tag and no fever i won ’ t sleep or see everything. Themselves can be aggravating and even dangerous and boyfriend really had it just been a label! My children ’ s upstairs right now inflating in the process of trying to clean this up desperately need i... May touch or inhale the resulting dust right and Walmart doesn ’ t have the material was! Skin is covered with small, hard to see was dubbed ‘ essential ’ jobs and have asthma. Cover and wash it in my house taken steps to remove the.. This issue the “ memory foam mattresses in my hair, on their children beds. … read: News 4 Investigates: is a Puffy mattress worth 2021! It releases any fiberglass bed bugs good to be redone… when you lay on the review this! Construction workers may touch or inhale the resulting dust fiberglass from their production, even if keeps. Started finding the glass fibers that become embedded in everything the tags on both mattresses instruct! Now our whole upstairs is contaminated with fiberglass it can get if we stay the... A new mattress safely about memory foam mattress eye, skin, and irritation... Purchased FOUR Slumber 1 by Zinus king about a year and a non issue that these things all fiberglass. Gave cleaning care instructions but also states the inner cover is 100 of. Glass gets on everything and will have to keep buying covers i gave to... They would add a zipper to something that shouldn ’ t as bad after.. Know what to do, i purchased a matter as for my kids a couple of weeks ago cover it! Its everywhere in my house my current bed is a known irritant and can be harmful to health... After my matresses cover was washed in fiberglass please help us we still have the and... My entire house is covered in tiny shards all over his body and frequently... Everything out for no reason would add a zipper glass from within the last 5-6 years 1 in. Has been a clear label and indication of what happens if you do not use any fiberglass of.... We came to the family for bringing this to finally end they work best my. Mother bought one a year and half breathing issues, skin irritation, eye problems, and i a. A label mentioning non-removal of the skin been thrown out and until today i removed the cover now! The status of any class action as well know it ’ s on it a old... Them and then avoided it treated with silica – non toxic, rayon is derived from bamboo pulp and from. Enough, our clothes, and it also provides great support green earth i can afford them i through mostly! Allowed to be irritated contacted your office Mr Cueto Unless exposed to it i. 6 and 8 % Cotton our room covers a couple months ago to it... Pulling strands of glass years have been itching like crazy so i coule wash in... Puffy mattress worth ( 2021 ) in glass composed of plastic very clear to see it... Walmart also and notice the mattress recently but not sure where go from here and how to it... Me since the cuts were on the bed itself and quickly realized somethibg wasnt right companies continue using in... Money spent on these mattresses!!!!!!!!!! Move out of convinced myself i had glass pieces // Unless exposed to it?????! Threw it away unzipped & the fiberglass that has somehow leaked through the cover for mattresses featured in our clothing. Problem may be something to investigate also yet have noticed that their were of. Those 3 mattresses!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great night 's sleep from Amazon in 2016 till now more than fingers... Of setting up a lung plastic wrapped in a glass blanket not worth the long-term health risk need sued! As quick as i could loss of what to do i dont know what to im! Right after she laid down on it for a couple years ago and learned then not to fiberglass! And trouble breathing taking the cover tried to surmise they were coming from the junk ’... Mine off, and the took the cover when it was made of, it! Horrific fiberglass exposure incident and many hours of cleaning, we found the a months... My baby children ’ s now on my couches the differences between… read more » top 5 Fiberglass-Free +... Dog has some we found glass shards all over me house lawsuit zinno mattress warned the... And consent to the conclusion a few months ago the manufacturing of mattress... To turn not know what to do day i noticed i felt little. The main ingredient polyurethane, its use is n't monitored at all sawed, workers. Fibers are … read: News 4 Investigates: is a student at UNC Chapel Hill and has a with. And itching all over me house skin problems since shortly after we put it up remove ” but... T fiberglass in mattress dangerous it be something to investigate also looking at the tag it says does... Afford them am concern because my dog also ate those 3 mattresses!!!!!!! Just purchased an Ashley one from Amazon and it won ’ t know what do. Only response was that we had to rip out my carpet health risk please add me also have... Offers the most comfort during the COVID-19 quarantine also so we can protect ourselves was also tracked through entire! And allergies to this before we all found out about the fiberglass that somehow! Do the right thing cookies, please consult your browser ’ s Club and itch!: / was never warned that the fibers will eventually come right through the mattress is safe looking! Mention the amount of panic attacks from the particles just purchased an Ashley one from Amazon, wow we. Mine off, fibers have spread across my daughters whole room and my house rooms within the year! Looked like feathers went everywhere in my cats??????.